Meet the Kalypsos Family

It’s always tricky when you’re so used to one stylist, but when they’re not available we want you to know that the rest of the Kalypsos family will be here to look after you. Let me introduce you to the team and let me also share with you all of their specialities that they love to do. Please take the time to read about each of them, so that you can feel more comfortable and confident with our other stylists.


Sean is a vintage stylist, always putting a classical twist to today’s fashion. With over 20 years’ experience his passion is cutting and blowdrying like no other! He endeavours to ensure you leave happy and feeling good about yourself.
His barbering skills are precise, and his clients return regularly for his skills.


My name is Janet and I have been in the hairdressing industry for over 40 years, in which the last 13 have been with Kalypsos. I’m a Director and from the Shaftesbury area, and I love every aspect of the industry. 
I have a very loyal regular clientele which without these I wouldn’t have remained in the industry as long, but I do enjoy creating that complete new look using a colour change or correction with a cutting restyle and not forgetting the lovely Brides, bridesmaids which is always a pleasure in making them happy on their special day.


My name is Ellen and my hairdressing career began at Kalypsos when I was only 14 years old on work experience. Now aged 30, I have been here ever since and built my way up from salon assistant to a busy director, which I have all my lovely clients to thank for that.
I really enjoy cutting and colouring and seeing the joy people get as we all know how a great haircut makes you feel amazing. I also love doing hair ups as I really enjoy being a part of all the special events in people’s life’s like prom and weddings.


A colour creative enthusiastic stylist! Always smiling with a happy outlook on life.
Her highlighting skills are amazing and her skills with long hair (be it curly or straight) are her passion.
She will help you achieve healthy shiny hair with her knowledge of haircare.


My name is Faye and I’m from Shaftesbury. 
I’ve always had the passion for hair styling, eventually after being a wife and a mummy to my 3 children, I was able to make the change from my previous career to put my passion into practice with the help of Kalypsos. 
2 years later I have qualified as a junior stylist and have started to run my own column with regular weekly clients. I love all the aspects of hairdressing, especially colouring & blow drying – I love to see the final result!


After graduating in March, Rosie has an abundance of passion for hairdressing. Helping you achieve the style and cut that works for you and your lifestyle.
As Rosie’s  popularity increases she is expanding her colouring knowledge and experience.
Less experience is reflected in the price level, she is looking for clients that are happy for her to take a little more time to achieve the desired style with support and knowledge from senior stylists.


My name is Katharine and I have been hairdressing for 18 years. I have been with Kalypsos for 16 years, hairdressing is my passion and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!
I especially love colouring and foils. I have a very loyal client base and really enjoy looking after and spending time with my clients.