A hair thinning treatment plan that was made for you

Combatting your thinning or fine hair can be tough (and expensive) when you’re constantly trying and testing out the new product that comes onto the shelves, promising those elusive results!

Many available solutions actually serve to camouflage thinning instead of combatting it, which is why most supermarket products aren’t giving you the results you want.

The innovative Nioxin approach inspired by skincare is different. Customized technologies deliver thicker, fuller-looking hair without side effects so you can thrive with newfound confidence.

We are now full trained and taking bookings for Nioxin consultations and treatments, to help you properly start combatting your thinning or fine hair.

What to expect?

When you arrive for your consultation you receive a completely personalised (and private, if preferred) appointment. In this consultation we will walk through a questionnaire together and you will receive a scalp examination by us, using our Nioscope tool, which will allow us to show you and explain your scalp and hair’s health.

Our Nioscope can take images of your scalp and store them in our own private app, which is used to create your own profile to help us track your progress with your prescribed customised Nioxin kit.

Want to start combatting your thin/fine hair?It can take up to 3 months to see results after your consultation, which is why we like to refer to your Nioscope images to track how well Nioxin is working for you.
Want to start combatting your thin/fine hair? Over the course of the first 3 months we recommend you come to the salon for a wash & blowdry once a month where we will check your progress with our Nioscope. At the end of your first 3 months we will compare pictures of your first examination to your last, so you can see close-up for yourself the effects Nioxin has had on your hair and scalp.

How much is the treatment?

We have two different payment options available.

Option 1: For £65 p/m for x3 months you receive your consultation, analysis, in-salon treatment and take-home kit, as well as follow-up consultation blow-dry and analysis appointments, including a monthly take-home kit over the last 2 months.

Option 2: For £195 up front you receive all of the above (with x3 months of your take-home kit at once) PLUS your 4th month kit (worth £32.10) for FREE.

Contact our salon now to book your consultation and start combatting your thin/fine hair.